Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Quilt Making

 First we start with a bag of scraps. This bag is one of many stashed away in my fibre nest.

Quilt # 1

 Then we proceed to my work station. I'm able to sew and use the iron to press after the addition of each fibre strip.

The stripped squares, after sewing and cutting. The squares are 8 x 8 inches across.

Quilt # 2

 This is going to be a four patch quilt, surrounded with cream boarders.

Quilt # 3

 And now to really drive myself crazy I'm making a quilt with one inch squares.

One inch squares.

Strips of fabric.

Strips on the ironing board waiting to be added to the various quilts. 

I never do one thing at a time, I always have several things on the go.  I figure my time is too precious to waste so I cram as much as I can into everyday.

Happy Quilting to all.

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